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  • Recruitment Number
  • Educational Level
  • Work Experience
  • Work Place
  • Release Date
  • Job Title:Project Manager
    Recruitment Number:3
    Educational Level:Undergraduate
    Work Experience:2 years or more
    Work Place:Jiangsu
    Release Date:2023.12.18

    Job Responsibilities:

    According to the company's annual business plan, decompose sales targets, formulate sales plans, and complete the annual sales targets set by the company's position;

    Develop markets, develop potential customers, obtain effective market information and follow up, and achieve cooperation between the company and customers;

    Responsible for regularly visiting the company's important customers and dealers, sorting customer information and transaction records, and keeping abreast of customer demand dynamics. Handle customer objections and complaints in a timely manner to improve customer satisfaction and establish and maintain long-term cooperative relationships with customers.

    Position Requirements:

    Bachelor's degree or above, no major limit;

    More than two years of marketing experience in the capacitor or electronics industry, and one year of experience as a sales manager;

    Have strong communication and interpersonal skills, good teamwork spirit and customer service awareness;

    Ability to withstand stress.

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