Quality Control

    Jiangsen has strong technical advantages in the capacitor manufacturing industry, and its corporate technology maintains advanced levels in the country. The company has established technology research and development and new product trial production organizations, and has also established a complete product quality monitoring system.

    Comprehensive testing is performed at different stages of capacitor production, which includes dielectric strength, capacitance, loss factor and insulation resistance measurements. Advanced testing equipment such as automatic testers and high-frequency impedance analyzers can ensure accurate and reliable results. Only capacitors that pass these tests and have the required performance parameters will be approved for sale.

    Technical Advantages

    While Jiangsen continues to develop and innovate, it has accumulated many technical advantages. These advantages enable us to provide high-quality capacitor products to meet the needs of different industries and applications.

    The company uses precise manufacturing processes to ensure product consistency and stability. From material selection to processing technology control, we pursue high precision and efficiency. Delicate manufacturing processes such as winding, pressing and impregnation are used to ensure the dimensional accuracy and internal structure stability of the capacitor, thereby improving product performance and reliability. At the same time, we continuously improve our quality control system and production processes to minimize defects and waste and provide high-quality capacitor products.

    We are able to meet the needs of different industries and applications and play an important role in the development of electronic equipment. Jiangsen will continue to focus on the optimization of technology research and development, manufacturing processes and quality control to provide customers with better products and services.

    Personnel and R&D

    Jiangsen relies on its personnel and strong R&D capabilities to continuously promote the development and innovation of the capacitor industry. Our technical staff have rich experience and expertise, which is able to meet the needs of different customers and carry out cutting-edge research and development work.

    Jiangsen continues to increase investment in R&D and is committed to technological innovation and product upgrades. We have a dedicated R&D team that cooperates with scientific research institutions and universities in related fields to conduct collaborative research and project development, and carry out material research and development, process improvement. With continuous innovation and research and development, we are able to provide more competitive products and meet the changing needs of our customers.