Metallized PP&PET Films

Metallized film is a type of packaging material that is coated with a thin layer of metal, usually aluminum.

PET Film Thickness Range: 1.2μm - 12.0μm; OPP Film Thickness Range: 2.0μm - 16.0μm.
PET Suppliers: Dupont (USA), Toray (Japan), Yihua Toray, SKC, TongFeng and others; OPP Suppliers: PHD (Germany), Toray (Japan), TongFeng, S-SEA, JDL.

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Production Processes

  • Coating

    This is the initial step where a thin layer of metal, usually aluminum or zinc, is deposited onto a plastic film, like polypropylene or polyester. This metallization process is crucial for creating the dielectric layer in capacitors.

  • Coating Inspection
    Coating Inspection
    After the coating process, the metallized film undergoes inspection. This step is essential to ensure the consistency and quality of the metallization, checking for defects like uneven coating, breaks, or impurities.
  • Slitting
    The large rolls of coated film are then slit into narrower widths. This process is tailored to meet specific requirements for different types of capacitors, depending on their intended use and specifications.
  • Slitting Inspection
    Slitting Inspection
    The slit materials are inspected to ensure that the cutting process has been accurate and that the film meets the required dimensions and specifications. This may involve checking the width, edge quality, and any potential damage incurred during slitting.
  • Small Packaging
    Small Packaging

    After inspection, the slit film is packaged into smaller units. This packaging is typically done to make handling, transportation, and storage easier and more efficient, especially if the film is sent to another location for further processing.

  • Bulk Packaging
    Bulk Packaging
    Finally, these smaller units are packaged in bulk. Bulk packaging is often used for final shipment to customers or distributors and is designed to protect the materials during transit and to facilitate easier bulk handling.

Custom Metallized Polyester Film

Nantong Jiangsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Nantong Jiangsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in a historical and cultural city of Jiangsu Province Rugao. The Hui-style "Shuihui Garden" tops in gardens and can be found nowhere else. As the hometown to "flowers and plants", the traditional bonsai wins appraise from home and abroad. Moreover, Rugao enjoys the reputation of being the city of longevity. Nantong Jiangsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a dazzling pearl, is sparkling on this ancient and magic land.

Our company covers an area of 78 acres with a construction area of 40,000 square meters.We are China Custom Metallized Polyester Film Suppliers and Custom OEM MPET Film Factory. The first phase investment amounts to 160 million RMB and the registered capital is 60 million RMB. With an integration of manufacturing, designing and sales, our company has high automation in metalized films and film capacitors of all series and pitches.
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Metallized Polyester Film (MPET Film) Industry knowledge

Quality inspection, packaging and storage of metallized polyester films

Metalized polyester film, as a high-performance composite material, is widely used in electronics, communications, aerospace and other fields. Its excellent performance and wide application prospects make the quality inspection, packaging and storage of metallized polyester film particularly important.

1. Quality inspection

The quality inspection of metallized polyester film is a key link to ensure that its performance meets standards. Pay attention to the surface flatness of the film. The surface of a high-quality metalized polyester film should be smooth and flat, with no bumps, wrinkles or ripples. These uneven places not only affect the appearance, but may also affect the performance of the film.

Color uniformity is also an important indicator of quality inspection. A high-quality metallized polyester film should have a uniform color and should have no color aberrations, spots or patches. Non-uniformity in color may mean there are quality issues with the film during the manufacturing process, or the raw materials used are of inconsistent quality.

The metallized polyester film also needs to be tested for its tensile properties, corrosion resistance, barrier properties and temperature resistance. These performance tests can be carried out through professional testing machines, such as tensile testing machines, salt spray testing machines, barrier performance testing machines, and temperature resistance testing machines. High-quality metallized polyester film should have good tensile properties, corrosion resistance, barrier properties and temperature resistance to ensure that it can maintain stable performance in various environments.

2. Packaging

Metallized polyester film should be packaged to ensure that it is not damaged during transportation and storage. Commonly used packaging materials include moisture-proof paper, bubble wrap and plastic film. These packaging materials effectively protect the film from moisture, contamination and mechanical damage.

During the packaging process, be careful to place the film flatly in the packaging material and avoid folding or bending. The product name, specifications, production date, manufacturer and other information should also be marked on the packaging to facilitate identification and traceability.

3. Storage

The storage environment of metallized polyester film should be dry, cool, ventilated, and away from fire and heat sources. Excessive temperature and humidity may have adverse effects on the performance of the film. Therefore, the temperature and humidity of the storage environment should be regularly checked during the storage process, and corresponding measures should be taken to adjust.

Metallized polyester films also need to be protected from mechanical damage and contamination during storage. Therefore, it should be handled with care during transportation and storage, and avoid contact with sharp objects. Storage areas should also be cleaned and disinfected regularly to maintain a good storage environment.

The quality inspection, packaging and storage of metallized polyester film are key links to ensure its stable performance and extend its service life. Only by doing these things well can we ensure that metallized polyester films can exert excellent performance in various application fields.