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Nantong Jiangsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

We provide consulting services on capacitors, metallized films, etc., based on long-term experience, development work and information gained from interactions with customers.


Products and Quality -- Stable and Reliable Product Quality Contributes to Sustainable Development.

Quality Certification

Jiangsen products have passed safety certification tests in multiple countries (regions) and obtained corresponding certificates.


Jiangsen draws on and absorbs international advanced management concepts, and the concept of ensuring quality is the life of the enterprise, which is integrated into all aspects of sales, production, material control, and research and development.

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Industry Experience

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Quality Certification

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Global Trade

Jiangsen Product Support

At Jiangsen, we want to make sure you choose the product that's right for you. Therefore, we provide our customers with many product manuals through which we can provide knowledge so that you can choose more effectively.

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Nantong Jiangsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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At Jiangsen, we pay attention to every detail of our products. You can send us your requirements and get your order approved.

We also provide stock standard samples to quickly help you tell whether our products are suitable for your application. Please feel free to contact us for quick samples.

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Our Services

  • Multilingual Customer Communication

    Our skilled sales team is proficient in multiple languages, including English, Turkish, Spanish and Russian, which ensures good communication with global clients.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We aim to resolve customer issues swiftly and cost-effectively, dedicating ourselves to providing solutions that not only solve problems but also exceed customer expectations in service and quality.

  • OEM Expertise and Flexibility

    We offer professional OEM services, providing the flexibility and capability to manufacture products under your brand name.

  • Customized Product Design and Solutions

    We specialize in creating custom product designs and solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs.

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