序列号: JGS86 股份代号:

Widely used in high voltage, high-frequency circuit Double side metalized polyester construction 

Lower ESR and ESR and ESL 

Self-healing property 

Long lifetime, small inherent temperature rise 

Filled with white resin, tinned copper wire 

Non-inductive type 

High DV/DT, RoHS compliance 


损耗 2Un 1 Os
额定电压 ≥100000 hours CR≤0.33uF CxRi ≥3000s CR> 0.33uF 100V dc 25'C
容量范围 -40'C-85'C
容量误差 土 5%, 土 10%
工作温度 0.022 to 10uF
绝缘阻抗 630 to 2500 V dc
耐压强度 4.0X 10'(-4) CR≤1uF 6.0X 10'(-4) CR>1uF Measured at 1 00Hz 25'C

APPLICATIONS Epecially as snubber capacitor for IGBT Inductance heating machine Welders, inverters, UPS, EPS